Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GREEN sanctuary**

This color theme was choose by Norshidah for her beloved one – green + pink. Congrats to her…nice girl, even we only met during e’ collection of hantaran n returning of rental hantaran trays – she’s an ez customer to deal with on e’ phone. tq dik…


    m_DSC_0063 m_DSC_0052 m_DSC_0053 m_DSC_0054 m_DSC_0055 m_DSC_0056 m_DSC_0058m_DSC_0062


interested?? email me zuehafez78@yahoo.com


rossi rossa said...

hi...like this gubahan..bole emelkan price 4 11 dulang...rwati08@gmail.com..tq

rossi rossa said...

hi...suke ngan gubahan ni..leh emel quotation utk 11 dulang tak..rwati08@gmail.com..tq