Wednesday, July 29, 2009

e’ making o’– DIP wif Ribbons

hi all…back again wif another order which i have spend for about more than 2 mths to make it done…bunga telur dip/bunga pahar dip

e’ order has been placed somewhere around mei’09 n yes it such a long time taken by me to completed it bcozzzzzz…i’m doing it all alone (no assisstant – huhu) n its during my weekend n night time only..(working). so this is e’ obstacles that i need to overcome when we do a part time buss – time is lack but still we need to do it as perfect as we can…n due to that reason to, i’m scared to sub e’ order to other person for help.

order came fr Netty for her wedding in end of july’09. she ordered 80 nos of bunga telur dip – dip wif ribbons. so here are e’ photos during the making of e’ bunga telur..enjoy e’ piccas!!

m_IMGP1755 m_IMGP1697

m_IMGP1758 m_IMGP1701

wait for e’ full completion soonnnnn…

Friday, July 17, 2009

Update Rahayu – sweet ENDEAVOUR pink

this picture courtesy frm my cust….thanx a lot n CONGRATS for her wedding!! enjoy e’ piccas

              DSC_0194[1] DSC_0192[1]   DSC_0193[1] INTERESTED?? email me at for price n quotation.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

~ red DOT white ~

here is the hantaran made for Farah Liyana fr Kuang for her engagement, which fall on las saturday 27/06/09. all together is 7 dulang from her side – consist as per pictures….well as usual i hv no picture of complete hantaran, waiting from Farah courtesy if she can give me 2/3 shots from her hired photographer or from her personal collections… :-)

m_IMGP1717 m_IMGP1724 m_IMGP1752m_IMGP1726 m_IMGP1737


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Friday, July 3, 2009

Update HAJAR – frm e’ lense of PRO

hi. 1st of all thanx a lot to my customer Hajar for her willingness to share n contribute some of e’ whole pictures of her hantaran n hand bouquet which was made by me but mistakenly forgot to snap a few before do the handover to the owner..huhuhu :-(, yet i’m still lucky enuff, manage to get it fr e’ owner with her “ikhsan” – so here it goes…

from e’ snap of Mr PRO….

~e’ roses bouquet~

IMG_7211e IMG_7143e



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~e’ hantaran’s~

IMG_6716e IMG_6832e IMG_6661e IMG_6689e IMG_6703e IMG_6666e IMG_6679e IMG_6685e IMG_6673e IMG_6668e

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