Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~PreTTY PinK~

CONGRATS to Nurul Huda….

she is my trainee at my previous workplace n never thought that we will meet up again after more than 5 yrs i left e’ co….plus for this kind of buss deal….we are so shock n obviously happy…long chit chatting about the past n for sure current one.

engage on 26/2/10….she choose peach pink theme n this is what i deliver for her engagement gift.

m_IMG_1882 m_IMG_1871 m_IMG_1873 m_IMG_1876 m_IMG_1879 m_IMG_1881

cupcake fondant – red velvet flavor

                           m_IMG_1895 m_IMG_1896  

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*blOOminG BloSSom*

order frm Nurul Huda for her engagement gift to fiancée…


m_IMG_1899 m_IMG_1894 m_IMG_1897 m_IMG_1898


*vanilla red velvet flavour

*fondant topping

email me for ordering: zuehafez78@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

“PurPLe PaSSionAte”

engagement gift …

m_IMG_1806  m_IMG_1805


m_IMG_1810 m_IMG_1809


m_IMG_1813 m_IMG_1812

hantaran frm Amy fiancée to her….

purple + pink

interested?? email zuehafez78@yahoo.com

# EarTHy CoLOR

frm both sides order…engagement in her hometown Kedah, therefore artificial flower is a good choice for long distance travelling..14/2/10 is the cremated date for their big day..CONGRATS!!

Amy to fiancee..






interested?? email me zuehafez78@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~MIXing AFFECtions bouquet~

this bouquet for her SYAIRA…

 m_IMG_1760 m_IMG_1761

wedding on 20.01.10

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~MIXing AFFECtions~

order frm Syaira – Cheras for her beloved hubby…wedding solemnization took place on 20/01/10….a mix of pink, white n purple color….soft n tender color

CONGRATS to her…

     m_IMG_1757 m_IMG_1736 m_IMG_1738

      m_IMG_1741 m_IMG_1747 m_IMG_1751


      m_DSCN0099 m_DSCN0100


      m_DSCN0104 m_DSCN0108 


sireh junjung…

interested?? details email  tozuehafez78@yahoo.com