Monday, June 20, 2011


hi all ..sorry coz lately i’m not really updating my blog n also my personal blog due to work (change of mgmt n closing+auditing of financial yr). the craziness of work hectic really make me tired n when back to house, i hv no mood already to do other work coz its already late….its time for rest not for working anymore..time to chit chat wif my loved one too!!

beside there is time i hv my own personal prob – e’ upside down of marriage n family life too, so its time to relax n solve everything before i can move on as normal.

then as time pass by. its also a time for break – having some lovely vacation wif all my loves and soon insyaallah wif my beloved one too. so time is really strict wif me…i must ensure all e’ office work done n my hantaran order also delivered successfully.

last 2 weeks, during the school holiday i manage to do all e’ hantaran orders wif my cousins help..lucky me, she’s on schooling therefore she’s on school holiday too. wanna say TQ SO MUCH dear espc to ana n her sisters – fara n anum…if i need more help will call u guys!!!



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