Thursday, January 28, 2010

for SALE – lacey love CAGE


hi all….

this handmade cage frm white lace n satin  was made to order frm 1 of my “missing” customer…place an ordered n after a period of grace time i decided to open it for sale..

only rm50/pc and rm100 for pair – must buy 2 together!! read more on e’ above ad..

normal selling price is rm60/pc….u SAVE rm20 there….!


email me if ONLY interested ….

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WhitE CrEAMy GOddEsS

this hantaran for Fauza fr Kepong (1/1/2010)– Tmn Ehsan. She wanted to be different frm others so she request me to used white chrysanthemum flower as the main flower deco with the silver plated tray….huhu..this is my 1st time dealing with chrysanthemum n i manage it…she ‘s brought e’  pengantin magazine as a reference abt e’ flower…thanx coz its help dear n glad to hear that u like it so much…CONGRATS on ur wedding!!!

m_IMG_1668 m_IMG_1660


m_IMG_1664 m_IMG_1665 m_IMG_1666 m_IMG_1667


interested?? email to  for details

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

whITe ExoTIC bouQuEt

this bouquet for his bride….Mrs Ahmad


interested?? email to

whITE eXOtiC TouCH

order was made by his SIL…and he has no problem with the decision made by his inlaw…i guess guy is “not cerewet” or else they dont know anything….anyway thanx to Norashimin & Ahmad frm Klang which event is on 19/12/09…

i give a new look to this time deco…with some dark brown n white  branches – such an exotic look to about viewers? what is ur say??

actually this kind of concept has been done to few of my customer but with minimum usage…this time i’ll make it obvious n grande….

SELamat PenGanTIn Baru…

m_IMG_1613 m_IMG_1601

m_IMG_1587 m_IMG_1596 m_IMG_1594 m_IMG_1591 m_IMG_1600 m_IMG_1598

m_IMG_1611 m_IMG_1610

interested??? pls email

*** still waiting pictures frm Suhaidah n partner-Nizam for their hantarans deco….i really2 forgot n bz to snap a picture of their hantaran that day…

Thursday, January 7, 2010

hePI NeW YEar & hello to CuPpies & delicious CakES..& PRoMO

Welcome 2010 n goodbye to 2009…Thanx to all my previous customers and sweet welcome to my new customers…With all new year starting, me have put a little effort in expanding my litte buss cum interest…ZC now is introducing its own cupckes n cakes for wedding/engagement gifts…..

below is e’ sneak previews for the cupcake – introducing our most popular n in demand cupcakes flavour RED VELVET!!

                          isDSC_0223 (2)

“Red Velvet is a popular traditional American treats, originated from the southern of America. New to Malaysia market but the taste is superbly delicious, moist, and it is a very dramatic looking cakes with it's dramatic bright red color that is sharply contrasted by a white tangy cream-cheese frosting.”

it can be topping with fondant too espc for hantaran purposes…for introducing its to our customer ZC would like to announce JAN’2010 promo.. 


promo start for booking made frm 10/1/2010 untill 20/1/2010.. in mth of JAN’10

hurry GrAB this SPleNDiD offer for deLICioUS cuppies for ur unfogettable DAY!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

frm e’ lense of Mr Pro-rEd darinG DIva

updated – pictures frm the owner of the hantarans engagement occasion….

she’s look beautiful in soft blue n pink dress…contras with great outstanding dais in Moroccan style…perfect choice n combination…

CONGRATs dear Eza n Fariq!! hope we can work together again for ur wed!

13937_1314811633134_1316001666_907512_114730_n[1] 13937_1314811473130_1316001666_907508_974676_n


she’s with e’ bouquet, fiancĂ©e n stunning dais… 15131_105142646169169_100000203028600_142263_7117008_n 15131_105142486169185_100000203028600_142246_193154_n


15131_105142489502518_100000203028600_142247_5913709_n 15131_105142642835836_100000203028600_142262_543431_n