Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PINKish@PURPLish bouquet

this bouquet was ordered by zetty..she is my repeat customer..she ordered two bouquet, one for her solemnization nite n reception day..n the other one goes for reception day on her groom side..CONGRATS!!

m_IMG_0295 m_IMG_0298 m_IMG_0300

for her side reception….

 m_IMG_0313 m_IMG_0316


for guy reception…

interested?? email zuehafez78@yahoo.com

RED in you!!

this order made by Junainah for her brother which she’s bring back to Kluang for the engagement ceremony. Thanks june…nice to know u.

m_IMG_0287 m_IMG_0288 m_IMG_0289 m_IMG_0291 m_IMG_0292

interested?? email zuehafez78@yahoo.com