Tuesday, March 29, 2011

COLOR of ur choice

i just lurve this color…purple-pink is such a lovely choice for almost women out there too..rite?? so cool n calm, passionate aura is overwhelmed from its reflections.


image image image image

so here it goes…all e’ combinations of e’ 2 main color PURPLE+PINK…blend it n try it urself dear….be brave, venturing into whole NEW things!!

*** pictures frm google net

Monday, March 21, 2011

{ meAMOR pink }

another hantaran ordered by Hanna Ariff for her to fiancée…pink as a theme.


m_IMG_0576 m_IMG_0568 m_IMG_0573

another 2 trays of hantaran was not snap by mr hub…

m_IMG_0579 m_IMG_0578

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{ purple DEA-lova }


order frm Hanna Ariff – Kajang. The pillow was made by her..creative touch frm e’ bride to be yolls….congrats to her.

m_IMG_0541 m_IMG_0542 m_IMG_0545 m_IMG_0552 m_IMG_0560

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Friday, March 18, 2011


salam to alll

this is hantaran frm Wan Nadirah to fiancee, bring back to Kedah for their wedding ceremony. 

m_DSC_0277  m_DSC_0289 m_DSC_0290




congrats to both of them!!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PLUMISH violet…

thanx a lot to Wan Nadirah n her fiancée for this order..below is hantaran made for her mr fiancée..

m_DSC_0272  m_DSC_0261 m_DSC_0264 


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Thursday, March 3, 2011


frm e’ love ones to his love one too…hehehe frm my brother to my SIL..if my SIL i pour's her gift wif lots of flower, now for my bro i do it simple n clear..ez for us to bring during our travelling.

have a look….

m_SUN_9552   m_SUN_9540 m_SUN_9544 m_SUN_9545 m_SUN_9546 m_SUN_9547

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FLORIST garden

this hantaran was made for my dear brother n SIL..due to the bride place is somewhere in Tasik Chini and we the whole family has decided to stay overnight there before the solemnization day, therefore  the fresh flower hantaran cannot be happen..some more i have to back home town few days early..

lucky my dear brother n SIL also requesting a simple deco for their hantaran..so here it goes…( old pictures in e’ store!! – ENJOY)

m_SUN_9367 m_SUN_9358 m_SUN_9359 m_SUN_9360 m_SUN_9362 m_SUN_9363 m_SUN_9365 m_SUN_9366

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