Tuesday, December 22, 2009

~ rED Daring DiVA bouquet ~

e’ bouquet…small n simple for engagement…



interested….pls email me zuehafez78@yahoo.com

~RED Daring diVA~


do u dare??? cheeewah…red n orange..what a great n brave combinations…moroccan style or color? well wateva it is, its nice n very vibrant color there….Eza is another brave cust..love to hv this color for her engagement n her fiancee Fariq – i follow..hehehe..to match with her moroccon concept dais…so we take a look on e’ hantarans 1st frm my loyal camera..







interested??? email me zuehafez78@yahoo.com

Thursday, December 17, 2009

**little RAYYAN AqiQah**

last weekend is another bz weekend for me..my BIL is having aqiqah for his 1st baby – Rayyan Raihan. its a last minute news i’ve got frm my MIL since she’s also bz of taking care e’ menantu …as simple as i can say is..its unplanning event for me n hubby..so this is what i can do for my BIL n wife..hope they like it..

for little Rayyan, mama n papa long just luv u…stay cute alwiz..


e’ set-up is simple but nice..for me larr….

IMG_1476 IMG_1449


Monday, December 14, 2009

CHEERISH one – bouquet for IRMA***


this hand bouquet was made for Irma engagement….24/10/09..

5 6



View b
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FUCHSIA pink bouquet

bouquet for her…ELNI NADRA



View ii

frm e’ lense of mr PRO - sparkling FUCHSIA pink…

hi lovely readers n viewers…we meet up again in another posting of mine…

a tiring days with few orders to prepared in one fine great day Friday…i wish that time i have an helper…huhu..hehehe..day dreams larrr katakan…so for sure will not happen but i’m so lucky at e’ end of my work somebody is around to help me up. therefore thanx to my beloved mum n hubby…problem solver.

e’ order came frm Elni Nadra…a nice name for a nice n cheerful girl. ordered for her engagement on 13/12/09…so congrats dear Elni.

L12 L15 L17 L20 L31 L14

                       this is her with her beloved fiancee..

     L10 L2

                              and her 3 tiers sireh junjung…

          L24 L22 BTW…all e’ picture is frm Elni’s album….thanxinterested?? pls email me zuehafez78@yahoo.com

Thursday, December 3, 2009

frm e’ LENSE of Mr PRO-gala DUSTY Pink

NZ_0751 DSC03454 NZ_0735 NZ_0743 NZ_0746 NZ_0749


picture courtesy frm my dear customer- Nurul..thanx again