Monday, June 29, 2009

e’ preparations – red DOT white

This gubahan was made for farah liyana fr Kuang, Selangor for her engagement. She wants red n white as her theme color. So i’ll took white n red roses n mix with white peacock n tea leafs….

Using e’ tea leafs gives a diffnt looks to e’ hantaran…e’ leafs itself a bit bushy n looks stunning when in between its have a red n white color to cheer up e’ greenery bush.

later will post out e’ gubahan…

m_IMGP1712 m_IMGP1708 m_IMGP1710 m_IMGP1711

Monday, June 15, 2009

Red Bouquet

this hand bouquet was made for my customer – hajar fr Ampang.

                             IMG_7211e IMG_6926e 


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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

**Sparkle MARooN**

hi all, as promised….this hantaran was made for Hajar. her wedding fall on 29/5 – solemnization and 30/5 – receptions…..

her theme is maroon & white, anyway i’m glad e’ hantaran fresh flower is still fresh for e’ next day (receptions) to be used..this is bcoz she only need dulang for ring during her solemnization and e’ rest on next day, so i’m preparing all at one time and delivered it at e’ same time too…

so here it goes e’ hantaran piccas frm my old loyal camera .. :-)

m_IMGP1676 m_IMGP1634 m_IMGP1640 m_IMGP1644 m_IMGP1652 m_IMGP1657

m_IMGP1665 m_IMGP1667

the closed up….

m_IMGP1680 m_IMGP1636 m_IMGP1641 m_IMGP1645 m_IMGP1653 m_IMGP1658

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Monday, June 8, 2009

e’ preparations..HAJAR **sparkle maroon**

Here are some picture during e’ preparations for hajar wedding hantaran…All this while i’m doing it for immediate family n friends with some help fr them too, therefore no picture taken (no intention to involve in wedding deco using fresh flower.. :-), so this is officially wedding hantaran deco frm my own touch n inspirations by other bloggers in this field too…

View fresh flower

The whole hantaran picture will be uploaded soon..dont miss it out…her theme color is maroon n white…i’ll choose maroon roses n white crafted wooden trays to sparkle out the color…

m_IMGP1626 m_IMGP1584 m_IMGP1622

Monday, June 1, 2009

Coming soon…..e’ SPARKle Maroon

hi all..wait for my posting for fresh flower hantaran made for Hajar…after quiet for a long time due to workload n new bussiness opening, i manage to grab this 1 opportunity. Thanx for Hajar in trusting me…n give me e’ freedom n suggestion for her wedding gift..