Monday, December 26, 2011

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another hantaran made again for WAWA frm her to mr fiancee.. CONGRATS dik

Monday, December 19, 2011

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wawa org plg terawal book hantaran dgn saya..pd awal thn 2011 utk majlis nya di hujung thn 2011. so this hantaran was made for WAWA frm selayang .. congrats to her

Thursday, December 15, 2011

CANDY buffet–do u need one??

perlu ker? haha persoalan menarik since nowdays kalu tgk e’ way kita present wedding kita dah byk ikut gaya barat..dgn pre-wedding shoot, wedding signage, photo booth and theme yg berbagai2 kan…nak kata salah or not..I’m not e’ rite person to judge it n nak ikut peredaran masa, well I’m not expert too…so tepuk dada tanya selera n apa2 pun biar dlm keredhaanNYA kan…mudah2an AMIN.

so bwh ni hasil carian sdikit info utk B2B kalu nak sgt ada candy buffet dlm majlis2 anda…maybe this info will help a little bit…e’ rest pls google2 sdiri Winking smile

Can-dy - noun - "any of a variety of confections made with sugar, syrup, etc., often combined with chocolate, fruit, nuts, etc"

Q: Do I need to have wedding favors? A: The candy buffet is taking the place of the "traditional wedding favors". Everybody LOVES candy. Instead of worrying over what type of favors to purchase and if your guests will want to take the favors home, a candy buffet is there in place of a wedding favor. If there is candy left over at the end of your event, you can always use candy later, or the candy will keep until you want to eat it.

Q: How much candy should I purchase? A: I wish there was a hard fast rule to this question. Some say 1/4 LB per guest, others say 1/2 LB per guest. But it's all about the way your candy looks. Plan by how you want the display to look, not how many guests are coming. Having enough candy is crucial in making your candy buffet look good.
Here is a tip a bride told us: "Take your candy buffet bags/containers that the guests will be taking home with them to your local grocery store and fill them the types of candy you will have for your event. Then weigh them. Multiply by how many guests, then you will get an idea of the pounds."
Tip: Add something salty or sour: Yummy! Salt or sour GOES with SWEET. Your candy buffet doesn't have to be all candy. Add potato chips or pretzels maybe some sour balls. Fresh fruit and cheese work great as well.

Q: What kind of containers should I use? Where can I find them? A: You can purchase new candy jars and containers or if you have time, (many months before your wedding) you can be "on the lookout" for your candy jars or containers. You will find them in the strangest places. Dollar stores, thrift stores, garage sales, friends and family will let you "borrow" them. TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart, Marshalls, Old Time Pottery, Home Depot.
Tip: Place a smaller container upside down inside larger candy containers so you don't need as much candy.

Q: Will the scoops scoop the candy I get? A: We get this question all the time. The scoops will scoop most any type of candy. You need to be more concerned about "will the scoops fit" through the container opening? Scoops will scoop, gummy or sticky candy will not scoop as well.

Q: My "theme" is tropical, I don't want to use glass containers! A: There are all kinds of containers that are not traditional candy jars. Try pails, take out boxes, plastic office bins, nautical items, up-side-down cowboy hat, flowerpots, lampshades and florist containers. There are many out there......take a look around your home, you will start to find all types of "containers". We had a wedding where basketballs were cut in half as a container.

Q: Do I need a scoop for every container? A: Rule of thumb: If the candy is wrapped, then no scoop needed. Anything you DO NOT want hands or fingers to touch, use a scoop or tongs.

Q: My candy buffet looks so drab. Help! A: Spice up the table - tablecloths, table runners, flowers, pictures. These things can be added to make your candy buffet table look FABULOUS. Color makes a difference - coordinated colors look more elegant than random selections. Add extras to the table: Fountain, fortune cookies, cookies, brownies, bowls of fruit for the healthy option, napkins, take home bags/containers.
Tip: If you don't want your candy buffet table to look empty, you can put the same amount of candy in smaller containers rather than 2 or 3 large containers - more smaller containers LOOKS like more! Containers on different levels using books under a tablecloth to create risers - very pleasing to the eye.

Q: The scoop is kind of ugly? A: Spice up your scoop with ribbons or bows. If you are using a cloth type ribbon or bow, wrapping the handle will spice up the scoop and match your event colors. (hides any printing as well)

Q: I am planning everything myself, will my caterer do the set up? A: It never hurts to ask. If you purchase the candy, your caterer could add a candy buffet into your event. Also, there are companies that specialize in only candy buffets. Search online to see if there is a company or caterer close to you who set-up or will host a candy buffet for you.

Before you start cruising for candy, let’s take a look at what you will need for this sweetly fabulous wedding idea.
Containers - You might opt for clear for the majority of jars so that you can get the full affect of the candy display.
Candy (Of course!) – You can get as many different kinds as you want, or stick to just a couple. But the more you have of different varieties, the more of a visual impact it will have.
Candy Scoops – Traditional silver scoops will do, or you can get creative with your scooper options.
Candy bags – From clear cellophane bags to Chinese food take-out boxes, your options are creatively endless.
Embellishments – If you choose. From ribbons to labels to hand-made tags - another candy buffet element where options are endless!
Linens - Tablecloth or runners placed underneath your display that compliment your color choices and will tie your whole look together and complete the "wow" factor.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

wedding BANNER n TQ tag - 1

such a lovely couple wif a same n simple idea has made us to comes out wif a great banner and also THANK U tag for both of them.

 Sample 6 copy   Thankutag  {THANX to Amirul & Amira}

seMERAH chinta

hantaran was made for Nysa frm Melaka. CONGRATS to her..