Tuesday, June 29, 2010


fondant cake for long travelling n last longer….


flowery square fondant cake with royal icing flower…it can be in round shape with vibrant color too…its all up to you…u choose we do..


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pINk n ButterFLY



another order for customer frm our lil kitch…for any occasion to be give away to your dear guest…in a dome container-more neat n tidy n ez to handle.

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UNIQUE cards

benda yg unik dtg dr org yg unik?? betul ker…rasanya kureng betul skit…mungkin yg unik itu hasil cipta dr mrk yg unik tp mrk yg mampu pula boleh memiliki keunikkan itu juga….so apa yg perlu ada is kemampuan memiliki @ purchasing power = RM larrrr….

so e’ below card is unique for me…unique in terms its simple, x sarat dgn design…so i juz like it!! but i believe every person hv a diffnt taste espc for their special big day…they want to be diffnt n unique..if can n hv money, let ours day be e’ 1st to explore the uniqueness (good n attractives one larr!). so we be e’ pioneer gitu…haha…tp jgn jd lain plak dah ler ya..nak unik2 sgt nanti..it turns up mengecewakan kita plak…so enjoy below wedding cards..actually frm this 2 website, u can view more cards in each diffnt presentable ways.


                                      pic frm here 

invc-11844 invc-11673_xl

                                             more frm here

ha yg ni leh letak gambar pasangan yer..couple tu nya muka larr..agak2 nak kasi terkenal or kasi kenal buat yg x mengenali..yer lar zmn skrg byk member siber, chat punya chat bila jemput..takut x cam yg mana satu…so leh lar tempek gambar anda….tp gambar mau kasi yg manis n elok2 yer…x leh ar yg mcm atas tu..lum jd muhrim lg..hehehe

BTW skrg pun dah byk kad letak gambar..dah common, even poster pengantin pun tertayang2 kat tepi/muka jln utk bg senang tetamu cari n kenal umah mana satu mrk nak pi..n pengantin mana yg mrk perlu raikan..so x ler salah org or umah.

n masa surf2 tu..terjumpa satu laman blog buat kad dr negara jiran kita..mana lg kalu bkn frm Indonesia..coz slalu kita dgr org tempah kad kat Indon coz murah n design pun cantik2 kan..so leh arr jenguk2 laman web mrk oscoincard.

**kad zue dulu my love print n design sdiri jer….tp ada gambar juga tau..colleagues yg tgk ada nak tempah lg…hahahha..dolu2 nya citer..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010



order again frm Dr Zarina for her wedding..Thanks for the trustm_IMG_2216 m_IMG_2220 m_IMG_2229   m_IMG_2234 m_IMG_2237 m_IMG_2241

interested..pls email zuehafez78@yahoo.com

~MisZ RED Bouquet~

for her….IRMA

                       m_IMG_2175  m_IMG_2172

                        m_IMG_2173 m_IMG_2174

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

*MisZ rED GOrgeOUS*


Irma wedding gifts to his husband …she is my repeat customer..from engagement till wedding! TQ so much n what can i say is, she is having a very dearie good best buddies – Mio which have help her a lot from beginning till end (i guess). thanx to him too coz spent a time to collect n sent whateva needed things in last minute from her behalf n my behalf.

Nice knowing u two. For IRMA congrats!!

m_IMG_2171 m_IMG_2170

e’ concept is red &  silver tray wif silver kerawang!!

m_IMG_2212 m_IMG_2184 m_IMG_2186 m_IMG_2188 m_IMG_2190 m_IMG_2192 m_IMG_2194 m_IMG_2196 m_IMG_2198 m_IMG_2209

e’ sireh junjung

m_IMG_2183 m_IMG_2180


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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FloweRY cuppies

frm our kitchen…here another design of cuppies with royal icing flower for wedding or engagement..can suits to any color theme..with any flavor…RV, vanilla or choc moist..up to u…we made to order!!

s3 s2

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