Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lovely Pink

another order for LOVE CAGE - PINK Theme....

thanx to Adilla for the order eventhough is quite last minute but i manage to make her happy with it!!! She's brought it back to Pahang - her hometown for her engagement. CONGRATS!!

interested?? sms 019-2993324 or

Sunday, August 10, 2008

White Love Cage

This 2 vibrant white CAGE is specially ordered by Ayu fr Seremban for her wedding in a special date of the yr 08/08/2008....CONGRATS to her.

CAGE wif deco
CAGE w/out deco
CAGE with n w/out deco
CAGE w/out deco

Now n then, we heard about CAGE theme for wedding gift - something diffnt n unique fr the old times...but in Zue's Collections the CAGE is originally handmade to suit your preference of colours. Easy to deco n touch up...the CAGE itself already standup as it is. Its still usefull after the occasion as one of your gift to the family members or as a handicraft for the house!!!

Interested pls sms 019-2993324 or send your email at