Monday, August 2, 2010


this VIP n berinai dip flower was ordered by Kak Wan for her girl wedding..which order has been place half a yr ago..somewher in Dec’09 to give me an ample time to do. Thanx a lot..n CONGRATS to kak wan, dpt menantu lg!!

m_IMG_1790 m_IMG_1791

Dip flower for BERINAI…

m_IMG_1799 m_IMG_1793 m_IMG_1794

actuall she’s not order it a lot..only 15 units for each design but i’m really need a lot n ample time to get it done since i’m a working lady wif a part time buss in this area – u want the same..pls make up your mind n set your date for ordering. TQ

interested?? email

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