Sunday, August 22, 2010


salam ramadhan to all

the past weeks of ramadhan i’m quite bz preparing for e’ 20 boxes of hamper for Kolej Shah Putra Kuantan, ordered by kak Chik. Repacking the cookies, buying the decorations things, shopping for e’ kurma n boxes takes me few days to get it done since daytime i’m working n only hv night time after breaking fast to do all the packing stuffs…n as usual after breaking fast, its not a good time to do work espc after terawih…really feel exhausted n sleepy, therefore the only time is my weekend. Lucky enough the delivery has been postponed frm last monday (16/8) to this monday (23/8).

however i would like to say thanx to Kak Chik (mmaf nama penuh x tahu) frm KOLEJ SHAH PUTRA for giving me this opportunity to hv a buss deal with them. And thanx for e’ trust, hope u like it..kak chik n will hv more buss deal in future!! hehehe

not to FORGET, my dear sista – Zarida for giving me e’ way to this buss deal….a lot of kisses to u yarr!!

below is the pic of the hamper…

IMG_3080 IMG_3078


IMG_3077 IMG_3076
ceria SYAWAL

IMG_3075 IMG_3074
this hamper worth RM100, consist of:

24 pieces green pistachio cookies
24 pieces blueberry cheese cookies
24 pieces breadcrumb choc cookies
20 pieces strawberry roundies cookies
500gm dates safina


Yumi's Blog said...

Great idea! Why I didn't think of that. I am sure anyone who receive this gift will surely love it.

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ZaNaQreatiFideA said...

mencari make up untuk segala majlis?lawati:

ford said...

Wow! amazing idea I like it and the flowers really cute good that you shared this. Will certainly visit your site more often now.

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