Wednesday, November 3, 2010

~green HEAVEN..

order frm Ain deejay KLFM..its a last minute order frm her n surprised me that its for both sides. Lucky i’m still hv time to slot in for e’ two order.

actually she ask for a colour theme like sweet green…so for hers e’ sweet green become like sweet yellowish green..still look nice n breezy cool. Some more its quite hard to get eustoma that time due to hot weather..flower need to be order really2 early to avoid disappointment. so for her to fiancée is a choice of white orchids, cream/yellowish eustoma n green leafs.

          m_IMG_3725 m_IMG_3726   m_IMG_3729

         m_IMG_3731 m_IMG_3733 

e’ whole set of hantarans…

m_IMG_3742 m_IMG_3741

thanx to Ain n fiancee….CONGRATS frm ZC…

interested?? email me

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M Nazrin said...

Cantiknya gubahan hantaran tu, nampak fresh.
Tumpang lalu.
Dinar Emas amat sesuai dijadikan sebagai Wang hantaran. Dapatkannya di