Monday, October 18, 2010

~ HEAVENly purple ~

Hantaran made for Ain who stayed in Melaka , but she bring back all e’ hantaran 1 day before the event, therefore i can likely guarantee it can last even after the event since Melaka is not so far away frm KL.

Furthermore she’s collect it a day before event, like usual hantaran fresh flower i made…

CONGRATS to Ain n her soul mate Yazer!!


m_IMG_3122 m_IMG_3123 m_IMG_3125 m_IMG_3128 m_IMG_3129 m_IMG_3131 m_IMG_3133 m_IMG_3135 m_IMG_3137

m_IMG_3140 m_IMG_3139

e’ sireh junjung….ez to handle n carry for travelling..

m_IMG_3145 m_IMG_3144

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