Monday, February 8, 2010

dEEP OCean acceSSories

this order came frm Lena in S’pore..she ordered everything thru 1st the color choose is pink magenta..then rite b4 i’m doing the dipping for the flower, she request for color changing..lucky enough i’m not yet purchased all e’ dip liquid here it turquoise@deep ocean color as her cousin wedding theme.

she made my work much more ez wif no stress when she place e’ order at a really2 early time which is in oct’09 for the wedding in april’10…haha can imagine how long is the preparation…n she willingly come n self collect the items at kl sentral frm me.

            m_IMG_1398    m_IMG_1394 m_IMG_1395  

                                 Cage wif dip deco


                                           Bunga dulang dip

m_IMG_0968 m_IMG_0966


                                   Bunga rampai dip

interested?? pls email for more details…

**this type of ordering need more than 3/5 mths early confirmation.

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