Thursday, January 7, 2010

hePI NeW YEar & hello to CuPpies & delicious CakES..& PRoMO

Welcome 2010 n goodbye to 2009…Thanx to all my previous customers and sweet welcome to my new customers…With all new year starting, me have put a little effort in expanding my litte buss cum interest…ZC now is introducing its own cupckes n cakes for wedding/engagement gifts…..

below is e’ sneak previews for the cupcake – introducing our most popular n in demand cupcakes flavour RED VELVET!!

                          isDSC_0223 (2)

“Red Velvet is a popular traditional American treats, originated from the southern of America. New to Malaysia market but the taste is superbly delicious, moist, and it is a very dramatic looking cakes with it's dramatic bright red color that is sharply contrasted by a white tangy cream-cheese frosting.”

it can be topping with fondant too espc for hantaran purposes…for introducing its to our customer ZC would like to announce JAN’2010 promo.. 


promo start for booking made frm 10/1/2010 untill 20/1/2010.. in mth of JAN’10

hurry GrAB this SPleNDiD offer for deLICioUS cuppies for ur unfogettable DAY!!


naza said...

nx quotation bley?
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WaTiE said...

amik order area N9...n singgah ler blog sayer...