Monday, September 14, 2009

welcome sweet Peachy!!

this lovely sweet color has been choose by Azman for her engagement. This color actually came frm a very unique inspiration of him…guess what?? hehehe..its actually frm his own comforter design/color…he brought e’ comforter to my laundry shop (place for me to meet up with my cust) n show it to me…after discussing, he decided to have e’ comforter wash too…hahaha, 2 in 1 transactions..will snap a pic of e’ comforter once it has been washed k…

as promised, he got FOC hand bouquet for her fiancée after took e’ fresh flower package. so guys..enjoy e’ piccas

e’ Hand Bouquet

m_IMG_0499 m_IMG_0500 m_IMG_0502 m_IMG_0503


e’ Hantarans

m_IMG_0518 m_IMG_0519

m_IMG_0522 m_IMG_0529 m_IMG_0534 m_IMG_0505


IMG_0540 IMG_0541

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