Monday, August 3, 2009

Dip wif RIBBONss

I’m back….here are e’ pictures of bunga pahar dip for my dear client Netty. pink ribbony with green net sachet – exactly as per my previous client order.


m_IMGP1764 IMGP0396


interested?? email to me for details

here is e’ packaging method i used even for a short distance customer.

View packaging


Suryana said...

cantiknya kaler dia! ko nyer tgn mmg kelas 1 la kwn..

Pelangi Indah said...

salam.. nak tanya untuk 1000pcs bunga telur.. tema puple+white.. brp harga leh bagi?

Zue said...

hi pelangi
leh bg email so i can email u e' price.