Tuesday, June 9, 2009

**Sparkle MARooN**

hi all, as promised….this hantaran was made for Hajar. her wedding fall on 29/5 – solemnization and 30/5 – receptions…..

her theme is maroon & white, anyway i’m glad e’ hantaran fresh flower is still fresh for e’ next day (receptions) to be used..this is bcoz she only need dulang for ring during her solemnization and e’ rest on next day, so i’m preparing all at one time and delivered it at e’ same time too…

so here it goes e’ hantaran piccas frm my old loyal camera .. :-)

m_IMGP1676 m_IMGP1634 m_IMGP1640 m_IMGP1644 m_IMGP1652 m_IMGP1657

m_IMGP1665 m_IMGP1667

the closed up….

m_IMGP1680 m_IMGP1636 m_IMGP1641 m_IMGP1645 m_IMGP1653 m_IMGP1658

INTERESTED??? pls email me at zuehafez78@yahoo.com for price n quotation


ajathajar said...

thank you very much kak zue.
cantik sgt gubahan hantaran fresh flowers yg kak zue buatkn utk hajar.
semua org puji cantik n tny siapa yg buatkan =D.
and the price is affordable too.
really appreciate all your hardwork.
thanks again =)

ciketon fazya said...

sgt cantik..bunganya segar

Zue said...

hi ajar...
thanx for e' compliments...nice to deal wif u too..

Syinar said...

Assalamualaikum...mmm...so sweet, nice work...I'm proud you involved in this bussiness, and I would like to enjoyed too! Bcoz I like deco too much ;-)

biribiri said...

salam, akak nak tye brape harga kalau saya nak akak gubah cam gni?
nice la :) suke sgt

Zue said...

utk gubahan mcm ni rm65sdulang...sireh junjung rm75..details leh email kat saya